Male:  A 30-year-old Indian woman facing charges of murdering her 10-month-old child has been languishing in a jail awaiting sentence for more than four years.

Rubeena Buruhanudeen, who hails from Kerala, has been held in Dhoonidhoo detention centre here on charges of murdering her ten-month-old child and attempting suicide ¿ a criminal offence in the Maldives - but has been awaiting
sentence since August 2010, Minivan News reported today.

"She is very distressed and depressed. When the prospect of receiving the death penalty was raised with her,
she said she would prefer it to her current situation," a source was quoted as saying. The case has been passed to the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives.

Rubeena's legal team has requested a new hearing before sentencing in order to make the case for diminished

Rubeena had moved to Maldives after marrying Hassan Jabirm, who was 16 years elder to her, in 2008.

The marriage later became troubled and Rubeena alleged that she was having trouble obtaining money to feed her child. Facing hardships, she attempted suicide by consuming drugs was later informed about child's death by staff at the island's health centre.

After being held in Dhoonidhoo detention centre since June 2010, Rubeena was taken to Male to appear in court in
May, 2013, only to discover upon arrival that she was to appear in the Family court for the conclusion of her husband's
divorce proceedings.

Officials from the Indian High Commission have confirmed that they are aware of Rubeena's case, the report