Indore crime: Tattoo helps police nab killer of 30-year-old man

Indore: Police today claimed to have solved the mystery behind the murder of a 30-year-old man with the help of a tattoo on his arm.

During a probe in the matter, police managed to nab the accused, Bhavsingh, last night who was sentenced to life
imprisonment in another murder case and in order to save himself from the punishment, he allegedly killed his friend
Suresh by smashing his head on September 18, Depalpur police station in-charge Sunil Yadav said today.

Bhavsingh, lodged at the Central Jail here, had been granted a 15-day parole on September 10. After getting out of the jail, Bhavsingh asked his friend Suresh to come to Ujalia village in Indore district on the pretext of showing him a woman to get him married.

When Suresh reached there, he killed him by brutally smashing his head with a stone. In order to befool the police, Bhavsingh put documents related to his parole and identity in the deceased's pocket, Yadav said.

However, while identifying the body, police got suspicious as the name 'Suresh' was tattooed on his hand.

Later, when police called Bhavsingh's family members, they refused to identify the body as his. They also pleaded
ignorance about his whereabouts. This heightened police's suspicion in the matter, he said.

During inquiry of mobile phone call details of Bhavsingh, police found a number of one Prakash from Khargone district. Later, police approached Prakash who identified the body as that of his younger brother Suresh, he said.

He also told the police about Bhavsingh having called Suresh to show him a woman for his marriage. Subsequently, Bhavsingh was arrested yesterday, Yadav added.

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