Indrani Mukerjea was in London, UK with her family, but returned to India on April 23, just a day before her daughter Sheena Bora was allegedly murdered.

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Indrani and Peter Mukerjea. File pic
Indrani and Peter Mukerjea. File pic

While interrogating Indrani and her husband, Peter, the Khar police have learnt that the couple were living in his house in London together, along with their daughter Vidhie (born from Indrani’s second marriage, adopted by Peter).

Sheena Bora murder case: Indrani wants to see Peter, cops say no

The police said that Indrani told her husband she needed to return to India early for a meeting, as she planned to start a human resources company. The couple had earlier also discussed starting a TV channel, but decided they could not afford it.

It may be recalled that Indrani and Peter had founded the 9X Media group and then had to step down amidst allegations of fraud. Before 9X Media, Peter was the chief of Star India, while Indrani was an HR consultant.

Peter was questioned alone at the Khar police station yesterday, and his answers were cross-checked against Indrani’s. In the meanwhile, cops also searched his house and recovered a laptop, printer and some documents.

Indrani’s itinerary

>> April 23: Indrani arrives in Mumbai from London and allegedly begins planning Sheena’s murder with the driver, Shyam Rai.

>> April 24: Indrani’s ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna (second marriage) arrives in the city. The trio allegedly murder Sheena.

>> April 25: They dump the body in Pen.

>> April 26: Indrani flies to Kolkata with Sanjeev

>> April 27: She returns to Mumbai and stays for a few days before flying back to London.

Cops grill Peter for 12 hours
mid-day accessed some of the questions that were put to Peter yesterday. The cops also tried to verify whether his answers matched with Indrani’s.

Cops to Peter: Indrani, Vidhie and you were abroad before the crime took place. Only Indrani came back. Why?

To Peter: Did you have any knowledge of the crime in advance?

To Indrani: Peter said you had informed him that Sheena had gone to the US. Is this true?

To both: Did both of you disapprove of Sheena’s relationship with Rahul or was it just one of you?

To Indrani: Peter is saying that whenever asked, you used to reply that Sheena is in the US. Is this true?

To both: Were there any finance-related problems with Sheena?

To both: Was any money deposited in Sheena’s account in the last 7 years? How much and why?

To both: Had one of you, or both, asked Sheena to return money? What was her reply?

To Indrani: Peter had said that Rahul told him Sheena was your daughter, not sister. Peter also said that when he asked you about this, you said Sheena was your sister. Did Peter not know who Sheena was? Did you tell him she was your sister?

To both: Did Peter show any disbelief about the claim that Sheena was your (Indrani’s) sister, or he was convinced easily?

To Indrani: In your recent married life, between 2010 and 2015, were your relations such that Peter would have been convinced about this matter easily?

To Indrani: Apart from family matters, would Peter also get easily convinced in financial matters too?

To both: Did either of you have any knowledge that there was any other person in Sheena’s life apart from Rahul?

To both: How was your relationship between 2010 and 2012 and after 2012? Was there strain over finances?

To Indrani: Peter said that he did not have any knowledge about your close relations with Sanjeev Khanna. Is this true?