Those who know Indrani have all been left shocked by the arrest and charges. Indrani was in Spain only two months ago, recalled Sandip Misra, a seasoned journalist who was the sports editor with the NewsX channel, owned by the 9X Media banner, of which Indrani was CEO.

"I am finding this too bizarre. I am just shocked," said Sandip, adding, "She always had a point of view about the sports bulletin, she would walk up and make her point. I thought her focus was her daughter’s piano classes; a murder is something I will not be able to digest tonight."

She was well wired in the city's cocktail circuit. She was introduced to Peter by advertising guru Alyque Padamsee; by then Peter had broken off his engagement with one Sashwati Banerjee, who currently works in the social sector. The break-off was a tension-ridden affair, obviously not liked by Sashwati’s brother.

A few, angry e-mails were exchanged between her brother and Peter, but the issue was amicably resolved. "She (Indrani) and Peter destroyed my sister’s life. I have nothing to talk about them," Banerjee’s brother told a friend on hearing of the incident.

When Peter married Indrani, then a 30-year-old HR consultant in 2002, he was getting married after eight years and had two sons aged 22 and 18 at the time. Bora had a daughter from her previous marriage as well, who was five years old at the time.