Indrani Mukerjea was dead against Sheena-Rahul affair: Witness to CBI

Nov 28, 2015, 16:51 IST | Agencies

Indrani Mukerjea, the prime accused in the Sheena Bora murder case, had allegedly told a friend that Sheena's relationship with Rahul, her husband's son from earlier marriage, was "not permissible at any cost".

"Indrani had told me that her sister Sheena Bora is dating with Peter's son Rahul, so she was worried about their relationship as the same is not permissible at any cost," Abhijit Shen, Indrani's friend, said in a statement to CBI.

Sheena Bora, Rahul Mukerjea, Indrani Mukerjea
Rahul Mukerjea, Sheena Bora and Indrani Mukerjea

Indrani is accused of murdering her daughter Sheena (whom she introduced to others as her 'sister') in April 2012.

Sen, a West Bengal-based businessman, stated that he met Indrani in 1998-99 for the first time.

"Our friendship gradually developed which resulted in a physical relationship," he claimed.

Apart from him, she was also in a relationship with four others including two IPS officials, Sen alleged.

Indrani's former husband (a co-accused) Sanjeev Khanna was a liquor addict and he sometimes assaulted her, hence Indrani wanted to leave him, Sen said.

After meeting media professional Peter Mukerjea (also arrested in the Sheena case), she started living in with him before marrying him in 2002, Sen said.

Indrani had asked Sen to invest money in their TV channel, he claimed.

Ajay Rawala, Khanna's friend, has told the agency that Indrani would not allow Khanna to meet his daughter Vidhie after the two divorced. However, in 2014 Vidhie visited him on the occasion of 75th birthday of Khanna's mother only after he (Khanna) requested Indrani.

When contacted, advocate Shreyansh Mithare, Khanna's lawyer, said though it was true that Vidhie was not allowed to meet Khanna, he would not like to comment on other issues.

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