Indulge in pet care during monsoon

New Delhi: During the monsoon, pets can face fungal, yeast and bacterial infections that might prove fatal in some cases. Prevent this by taking care of their hygiene and by safeguarding them against the rain.

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Keep them safe in terms of hygiene, food and kennels, and indulge in a range of bathing sets to unique food items, footwear and clothes, body wash and soaps.

Online shopping portals are offering dog raincoats, which can be custom-made to help the pets to be comfortable and safe in rains. Available in attractive colours, the raincoats have reflective strips on the back and down the sleeves to avoid letting your pet go out of your sight during the night.

"We have been observing that people have genuine concerns when it comes to pet care especially in the monsoons. Heavy rainfall acts as a barrier to pets as it affects their stroll and that makes them uncomfortable," Sandip Shah, co-founder of an online shopping portal.

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