Indulge in some yummy cupcakes at Andheri's Boston Cupcakery

The Boston Cupcakery, Andheri’s latest cupcake shop, offers delicious, freshly baked American cupcakes, finds Moeena Halim

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It was Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw who revived the of cupcake. The sensuous bite she took of her pretty little cupcake triggered a trend that made its way across the globe — one American obsession drawing attention to another.

On the Lokhandwala-based Boston Cupcakery’s menu, you will find American cupcakes prepared exactly the way the Americans do. Pics/Emmanual Karbhari
On the Lokhandwala-based Boston Cupcakery’s menu, you will find American cupcakes prepared exactly the way the Americans do. Pics/Emmanual Karbhari

Mumbai has since seen a fair share of cupcakeries, but the latest little bakery in Andheri promises to serve you something the others haven’t yet. On the Lokhandwala-based The Boston Cupcakery’s (TBC) menu, you will find only “classic Americana cupcakes” made exactly the way the Americans do. As we enter the cosy shop, our eyes move straight to the counter lined with multi-coloured cupcakes.

Hazelnut Buttercream cupcake
Hazelnut Buttercream cupcake

Sagar, the friendly baker, gives us a warm welcome and suggests we try their much-appreciated Apple Cinnamon cupcake (Rs 80). We do give it a try and enjoy the classic pancake combo in cupcake form, but it isn’t our favourite. That honour is reserved for the Hazelnut Buttercream (Rs 80), with its hazelnut flavour and choco-filling, revealed only after a generous mouthful.

Red Velvet cupcake
Red Velvet cupcake

What sets these miniature cakes apart from their British or French counterparts is their richer, denser consistency. This is often achieved by adding extra egg yolks. But TBC’s cupcakes are eggless — a challenge that their consulting pastry chef Eric Larsen managed to crack after months of trial and error.

Apple Cinnamon cupcake
Apple Cinnamon cupcake

Larsen also created a signature frosting for the bakery, something they claim isn’t available anywhere else in the world. While my fondness lies with fluffier cakes, my sweet-toothed companion relishes these American-style cupcakes. The mini Red Velvet cupcake (Rs30), which he devours before I could request a bite, is likely to become a weakness. Their mini Banana Chocolate (Rs 30), another classic American pancake combo, is a winner too.

The bakery has a list of about 30 flavours in rotation. Unfortunately, the day we choose to visit, we don’t find the Trail Mix on the menu. Packed with nuts, this cupcake is often carried by hikers on a trek, we’re told.

We do get the chance to sample the classic Vanilla cupcake (Rs 60) with its too-generous dusting of sprinkles. The rainbow-hued vermicelli has been flown down all the way from France, the cocoa from Ghana and sugar from Britain. Quite the international set of ingredients for an all-American experience!

Service: Prompt and very friendly
Ambience: Cosy
Food: : Manna for your sweet-tooth
At: Shop no 1, Legend building, near Lokhandwala Garden, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri West
Call: 9029991808



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