Industrialist Sanjay Jindal uncouples from polo-enthusiast wife Rina Shah

Rina Shah
Rina Shah

In what appears to be an acrimonious uncoupling, the Mumbai Family court granted divorce to industrialist Sanjay Jindal of Jindal Drugs and his wife of two years, designer Rina Shah on April 11. Following their marriage on January 18, 2015, the couple had moved in together at his Nepean Sea Road home, before things went south within six months, and they filed for divorce last year with mutual consent.

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Notice before consent
However, before the two parties settled on mutual consent, they had sent notices to each other, copies of which are with mid-day. On June 24, 2016, Shah sent a notice to Jindal through her lawyer Kushal Mor that read, "Since the marriage, you have subjected her to physical, mental and verbal cruelty. In furtherance, after violence, he threw her out of the matrimonial home on June 10, 2015," adding that she was compelled to reside at her maternal home and was "deliberately neglected to provide" for, thereby causing her "grave hardship".

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To this, Jindal had replied via lawyer Sanjay Kantawala on July 2, 2016, "It is denied that Sanjay has deliberately neglected to provide her money. It is pertinent to note that Rina is an ardent follower of polo and also runs a brand by the name of Rinaldi, which deals with sports accessories. This is only for the affluent. Your client, who owns horses, is also in the financial position to splurge for hobbies."

It further read, "There is no income generated there, but only incurs expenditure. The question therefore of maintaining your client with such financial background, and in a marriage which lasted barely 141 days, is self-explanatory." The notice also objected to Shah's partying ways. "Your client's going for party on four occasions in a week and returning in the wee hours was one of the mainstay issues."

Back and forth
Speaking to mid-day, Jindal and his lawyer Kantawala said, "The divorce was filed on mutual consent last year, and it came through on April 11."

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Following the divorce, Shah said, "In the six months of marriage, he never took me on honeymoon. I was thrown out of my house on my birthday; he literally dragged me out of the house - only because I told him to go on a trip since we didn't honeymoon. As for not looking after the house, I was taking care of the house and whenever required I cooked for him too. He even complained about my partying, but the fact is that during the marriage, I never went to party alone. And on occasions when I asked him to accompany me, he wouldn't come along."

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