Beijing: A Chinese firefighter, who slipped into coma after receiving serious injuries in the country's worst industrial disaster at Tianjin port, regained consciousness 40 days after the incident.

Zhang Chaofang, 19, recovering at Tianjin First Center Hospital is now able to speak, his doctor Gao Hongmei said. He was comatose when transferred to the intensive care unit of the hospital on August 13, he suffered extensive burns, traumatic brain injuries, respiratory failure, as well as kidney and liver damage, Gao added.

Zhang received four skin graft operations and all the grafted skin has survived, Gao said.

On September 17, tears were spotted dripping down his cheek after his mother called his name. The next day, his hand moved, attempting to touch his mother's face.

In all 173 people were killed in the incident. The twin blasts which rocked where house at the port city is also disastrous for the country's fire fighting unit as 104 firemen were killed besides 11 police officers and 55 civilians.

Over 700 people were injured many of them are still under going treatment in hospitals.

The family of each fireman killed in the incident has received 2.3 million yuan (about USD 360,000) in compensation.