Inked selfies will inspire others to vote, feel voters

Oct 16, 2014, 04:47 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

Voters uploading pictures on social networking websites after casting votes say the whole idea is to inspire others to do the same and not a fashion trend

Uploading a selfie on social networking sites with an ‘inked’ index finger seems to be the latest craze amongst voters, which they believe will benefit the society.

Ajinkya Khedkar
Ajinkya Khedkar

Ajit Saroy, a BCA graduate, said, “Every vote counts and perhaps clicking a picture and posting it on a social networking site will inspire others to take the election process seriously, and cast their vote. The intention behind uploading an inked selfie is not to show off, but to spread enthusiasm among others.”

Amit Hawaldar
Amit Hawaldar

“I’m a first-time voter and I’m feeling proud of performing my duty as a responsible citizen of this country,” said Ajinkya Khedkar, an MCA student from MIT School of Management, adding, “Of course I clicked a selfie because the first time for everything is always memorable.”

‘Voting is a duty’
While a lot of voters said that uploading an inked selfie on social networking sites is a must, as it will inspire others, there are others who believe that posting inked selfies is no big deal because voting should be considered as a duty and not a trend.

Amit Hawaldar, an MBA from MIT School of Management, said, “I was excited to cast my vote today. I feel that every person should use this right and select the appropriate candidate instead of lamenting later.”

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