Innovation at its best to pay tribute to Jobs

Even as Apple co-founder, who redefined creativity and innovation, breathed his last yesterday -- innovation is still alive among Bangaloreans who are paying tribute to him in their own creative way.

Steve Jobs is remembered for his great speeches and inspirational quotes and his untimely demise has left all Apple users with a heavy heart. Many people bombarded search engines trying to fish out interesting details about his life, while others racked their brains to post interesting statuses on social networking sites.

End of an era: Bangaloreans went into a 'creative' mourning spree as
news of Jobs' death spread

Twitter tributes
One Apple addict posted, "Three apples changed the world. The first one seduced Eve, the second fell on Newton's head and the third was offered to the world half- bitten by Steve Jobs."

This status gained so much popularity, that it was reposted by tweeple from China and Japan in their respective languages.

Devika Rao, a student and ardent Apple fan said, "He surely was a legend and stood for everything creative. So the least I could do was to apply a little thought and generate something creative to show my respect for him."
Members of the IT hub of the city, who are enjoying an extended weekend with Dussehra, also plunged into a 'creative' mourning spree as news of Jobs' death -- following a long struggle with pancreatic cancer -- spread.

"Autumn takes away the tree that created the world's finest Apple. Steve Jobs is no more," commented a social network user and received maximum likes.

Meanwhile, another user claimed, "iCame, iSaw, iConquered, iRevolutionised, iRIP."

While social networking sites are abuzz with tributes, several IT employees have planned a 'virtual candle light' march to the Apple office, using Googlemaps.

"Along with 200 other software engineers, I have planned to conduct a virtual candle light march from Bangalore to Apple Headquarters in California using a sophisticated world map service. You will see 200
spots marching with 200 candle flames through the designated path," said G Rushabh, a software engineer.

While the world came together to pay tribute to the man who created a revolutionised technology, Bangaloreans also showed their respect in a humble, yet innovative way.

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