INS Shivaji to enhance security in its classrooms

Following the theft of six projectors worth Rs 3 lakh in August from INS Shivaji also called Naval College of Engineering, the navy has decided to heighten security in its lecture halls. A naval official requesting anonymity said CCTV cameras would be installed inside the lecture halls and corridors.

"We are not worried about external security since military bases are always well guarded outside. After the theft, we realised we needed to monitor movement on the campus also. Cameras will be put up at strategic locations and civilian employees will be thoroughly screened from now on. We still suspect the civilian employee who was questioned by the police to be behind the theft, as it is difficult for an outsider to enter the base.," said the official.

The official added that as only projectors were stolen the situation was not too worrisome. "Had a CPU, CD-ROM or any other storage material been stolen, the matter would have been serious," he said. Another official said the keys to classrooms and other halls, which house important training material, would be kept with a designated official.

"The official in-charge will be given full authority to report suspicious activity. We are still trying to figure out how the thief got the keys and entered the rooms even if he had an inside source. Anyone wanting to access any rooms at any time has to enter it in the register with a valid reason," he said.

Police earlier detained a Class I civilian employee Venugopal Venkatesh Medavali in connection with the theft. No progress has been made in the case so far, though the police maintain it was an inside job.
Assistant Police Inspector S R Gaur from the Lonavla police station refused to comment on the issue when contacted.

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