Mumbai: The two missing naval officers aboard accident-stricken submarine INS Sindhuratna, Lt Commander Kapish Muwal and Lt Manoranjan Kumar have been confirmed dead, the Navy confirmed on Thursday

The two Naval officers went missing after fire erupted on board the submarine around 50 nautical miles off Mumbai coast in the early hours of Wednesday.

Refitted and renovated in Mumbai last December, the INS Sindhuratna was on a routine training exercise to familiarise the crew with operations of the Russian built vessel.

The vessel was underwater at the time of the incident and it was not fitted with weapons of any kind as it was on a training and familiarisation mission.

Navy Submarine
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There were 94 sailors onboard when the accident took place in the sailors' accommodation area in compartment No. 3. Seven sailors were injured and two went missing in the mishap.

The injured sailors were airlifted to the INS Ashvani naval hospital in south Mumbai.

Indian Navy chief Admiral D K Joshi resigned from his post taking moral responsibility for the accident onboard INS Sindhuratna. Defence Minister A K Antony promptly accepted the resignation.