Karnataka Sangha High school in Chembur shuts down for two days as insects living underground climb up the school building due to recent rains
Floods and strikes in our city may sometimes lead to holidays in schools, but students of Karnataka Sangha High School, Chembur, got two days  holiday, due to an invasion by insects. Even though none of the children were hospitalised, chaos prevailed in the school premises. On September 26, thousands of insects surfaced on the walls of the school building, forcing the children to leave the classrooms. The children were made to leave the building after they complained of irritation and itchiness. The school will reopen today.

Bug woes: Insects were spotted climbing the walls of Karnataka Sangha
High School in Chembur (right). The children were made to leave the
building after they complained of irritation and itchiness

Insects crawled up the school building and into the classrooms from under the ground, because the recent rains had infiltrated their homes.

Unable to contain the invasion, the school authorities decided to shut down the school to spray pesticide in the school premises.

The building, constructed in 1966, was facing such a problem for the first time, according to school authorities.
The parents, however, were sympathetic towards the school authorities. Krishna More, a student's parent, said, "The insects haven't caused much harm to the health of the students, but the continuous itching is distressing."

Ramlal Suman, another parent, said, "The insects have not only climbed this school, but other municipal schools in the vicinity of Ghatla area in Chembur."

Pesticide sprayed
With the help of Mangala Kathe, local councillor of M-west ward, the school authorities informed BMC, who sprayed the school with pesticide on Monday.

Confirming the precaution taken, trustee of the school, Ranjankumar  Amin, said, "The BMC sprayed the school with pesticide. Our school peons and sweepers will now clean the whole school, to clear the dead insects lying around."

Tukaram Kathe, husband of  Mangala, said, "We have got this problem of insects in Ghatla area and with the help of BMC's pest control department, we will try to sort it out."

Officer-in-charge from the BMC pest-control department M-ward, K Rajput, declined to comment on the issue.