Inspired by the bull

Oct 18, 2011, 11:01 IST | The Guide
A look at the innovative creations by sculptor Pritam Deshmukh will help you understand the different attributes of the bull, which Pritam believes is the greatest hardworker of all times

The one thing that has amazed sculptor Pritam Deshmukh throughout his life, is the journey of the Indian bull. He, hence, decided to represent in his works the attributes of the bull, which he believes toils hard without worrying about the results. Pritam will be showcasing some of his works inspired by the bull at the Tain evenings, this Wednesday.

"Watching a newborn calf running everywhere taking the wind in his stride and ready to take on this world has always filled me with awe, amazement and enthusiasm. While on the other hand watching a bull toil in the field has always reminded me that life has a purpose for each and every one of us. Being born in a farmer's family the patterns of a bull's life have influenced me so much that it made me undertake a journey to study each and every facet of the life of a bull and its various effects on a farmer's life," explains Pritam.

This exhibition is a travelogue of this journey. His works represent the various qualities of a bull like its dedication, love, its royalty and its willingness to carry the burden of others. He further adds, "I have always been reminded by my peers and my teachers; that it's the responsibility of an artist to bring out the various shades of nature and hues of life to the world's notice.

But for me the bull form was always an enigma as I would always face the same question � does the bull ever know what great work he does for the society and the farmer? Does he ever wonder about the burden he carries on his muscled shoulder? I found the answer in Bhagavad Gita's verse that one should always carry out one's responsibility and never worry about the results or expect the fruits of one's labour. I then started looking at the bull from a new perspective that made me realise that I was looking at the greatest hardworker the world has ever seen." From the Indian village life to the stock market, the bull is a symbol of eternal hope and expectations of good times. To experience Pritam's expression on stone, head to the gallery this Wednesday.

On October 19
At Art2Day Gallery, Camp.

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