Installing lifts at railway stations is a very bad idea: Mumbai CR officials

Local CR officials claim that Railway Board’s proposal is impractical to implement because it will cripple commuter movement on the already overcrowded platforms; they feel escalators are better

Though the higher-ups in the Indian Railway are upbeat about installing lifts at important stations on the Central Railway, local authorities managing the suburban stations do not appear to share the same enthusiasm.

An escalator being installed at Dadar station. Local CR officials claimed unlike lifts — which require additional space escalators should replace FOBs. File Pic
An escalator being installed at Dadar station. Local CR officials claimed unlike lifts — which require additional space escalators should replace FOBs. File Pic

A tender for installing 27 lifts at key stations on the central line is expected to be floated in the new fiscal. But officials fear that lifts will further clog the densely crowded stations during peak hours. Sources in the CR claimed the lifts would consume a lot of space, which the stations do not have.

“The lifts will take additional space on the already narrow platforms, inconveniencing commuters,” a senior CR official said. Local CR authorities claim the lifts will be installed next to the stairs of foot over-bridges (FOBs). The FOBs landing on the platforms are close to the tracks despite adhering to dimensions prescribed by the railway board.

The dimensions are set with the intention that commuters are able to move freely on the platforms after alighting from trains. “Escalators are a good option, as they replace FOBs. But lifts next to the existing FOBs will consume additional space. Our stations are already facing space crunch,” said another CR official.

The CR has asked the Railway Board to conduct a feasibility study before implementing the project, as it could worsen crowd management at stations. But sources claimed that the Railway Board has already asked the Commissioner of Railway Safety (CRS) to verify these issues. “The CRS told us to go ahead with the proposed project of installing lifts. The installation will commence soon,” said a CR official.

Number of lifts to be installed

Rs 15 lakh
Cost of each lift

Rs 75 lakh
Cost of an escalator

Did you know?
>> The distance between the edge of the platform and an FOB should be at least 12 feet or 3.65 metres
>> While calculating this distance, officials measure the gap between the centre of the track and the FOB, which, as per norms, should be 17.48 feet or 5.33 metres

>> Only 12 people will be able to use the lift at one time
>> Lifts will operate between platform and foot over-bridge (FOB)
>> Pregnant, physically challenged and senior citizens are likely to use lifts more



  • Satish03-Mar-2014

    Women wearing saris will have to be super careful with these escalators. Their saris can easily get sucked in on the last step of the escalator. I recently saw this happen to an elderly Indian lady in New York airport. The sari got stuck and got fully torn she couldn't get off the elevator and fell off. Luckily the elevator was stopped in time by the authorities and the lady escaped with minor injuries. Railways cannot monitor well given our passenger volumes. Monsoon will cause more issues.

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