The first comic book issue of Marvel Comics' muscular, green superhero was published on this day, May 10 in 1962. A look at some interesting trivia about of one of Marvel's iconic characters on this occasion...

>> Hulk was coloured gray in the debut comic, as comic book writer Stan Lee wanted a color that did not suggest any particular ethnic group. Lee chose to change the skin color to green as colorist Stan Goldberg was having problems with the gray coloring, resulting in different shades of grey, and even green in the final output.


>> Hulk's alter-ego was named Bruce Banner by Stan Lee, as the author had trouble less difficulty remembering alliterative names. Despite this he has mistakenly referred to him as Bob Banner in later stories, which was quickly picked up on by readers. The discrepancy was resolved by giving the character the official full name of Robert Bruce Banner.

>> The Hulk's original series was canceled with issue #6 on March 1963. Around this time, co-creator Jack Kirby received a letter from a college dormitory stating the Hulk had been chosen as its official mascot. Kirby and Stan Lee realized their character had found an audience in college-age readers.

>> Five different actors have portrayed Hulk in television and different feature films. Bill Bixby essayed David Banner and weightlifter-actor Lou Ferrigno played Hulk in the 1978 TV series, 'The Incredible Hulk'. Eric Bana portrayed Bruce Banner in director Ang Lee's 2003 film 'Hulk'. The Hulk transformation and character was 3D-animated, which became a common feature in subsequent films. Edward Norton played the role in 'The Incredible Hulk' (2008) with Mark Ruffalo currently portraying the character in 'The Avengers' (2012) and 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' (2015), as well as both parts of the upcoming 'Avengers: Infinity War' (2018/2019).

>> Stan Lee was influenced to create Hulk as an inspiration from the monsters in 'Frankenstein' and 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde'.

>> Stan Lee had written each story in the original 'The Incredible Hulk' comic book series. Jack Kirby penciled the first five issues and Steve Ditko penciled and inked the sixth.

>> The Hulk guest-starred in The Fantastic Four #12 (March 1963), and months later became a founding member of the superhero team the Avengers, appearing in the first two issues of the team's eponymous series (Sept. and Nov. 1963).

>> Apart from literary monsters, Stan Lee has also cited inspiration from Jewish Mythology in the creation of Hulk. Lee has compared Hulk to the Golem of Jewish myth.

>> Another character She-Hulk was introduced by Stan Lee, as Jennifer Walters, cousin of Hulk's alter-ego Bruce Banner, who transforms after receiving an emergency blood transfusion from him when she was wounded. It led to her acquiring a milder version of his Hulk condition although her transformation becomes permanent in later comic book issues.