International Sushi day: Go try Sushi in a glass in Bandra

If you walk into Bandra’s current favourite, The Fatty Bao, between today and June 30, you will find yourself drawn to some of the most interesting- looking sushi options.

Chirashizushi Vegetable Sushi. Pics/Prabhanjan Dhanu
Chirashizushi Vegetable Sushi. Pics/Prabhanjan Dhanu 

“We had sushi on our regular menu but the options were limited. I think the International Sushi Day was started mainly to create awareness about sushi. People imagine sushi-making to be complicated. It is commonly believed that appreciating sushi requires an acquired palate,” says executive chef Prashanth Puttaswamy.

Chef Prashanth Puttaswamy
Chef Prashanth Puttaswamy

“Sushi does not always have to be rolled. It’s not always eaten raw or made with seafood. We serve some vegetarian ones too. The idea is to show people that it’s not so complicated. It’s like any other finger food that you can eat with your hand. For first timers, we have options where they can choose between portions of four or eight pieces.

Spicy Mushroom, Lettuce and Vegetable Temaki. Pic courtesy/Kunal Chandra
Spicy Mushroom, Lettuce and Vegetable Temaki. Pic courtesy/Kunal Chandra

Initially, we try to go easy by offering them fillings like Tempura Fried Prawn or the Asparagus and Cream Cheese, which are more pleasing to the palate than the raw versions,” he adds, before getting ready to dish out his creations for us.

On the menu
>> The 13-day celebrations features an array of shapes and sizes — from rolls to cones, squares and tiny purses.

>> The Chirashizushi is a deliciously light and flavourful sushi meal in a bowl, with rice and various toppings, available in both, vegetarian and seafood options.

>> The Inarizushi is sushi nestled in seasoned tofu pouches with prawn salad inari, crab meat, tokibo inari (flying fish roe), mirin (a sweet rice wine)-glazed eggplant and crispy shallots.

>> Oshizushi is pressed sushi with pickled and roasted vegetable for vegetarians and salmon and tuna for non-vegetarians.

>> The Hosomaki, with rice in a nori sheet, is available as a crispy vegetarian roll, fiery shrimp roll and tempura fried oysters variants.

>> The Temaki is a visual treat with a cone-shaped sushi roll stuffed with smoked salmon, capers, avocado and horseradish sauce or spicy mushroom, lettuce, vegetables, Gunkan or crispy bacon and cheese.

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