International Women's Day: Air India operated four all-women crew flights

In tune with International Women’s Day, Air India operated four all-women crew flights from Mumbai to different destinations within its domestic routes. The flights were -- AI 603 from Mumbai to Bangalore, AI 059 from Mumbai to Calicut, AI 669 from Mumbai to Bhubaneshwar via Raipur and AI 611 from Mumbai to Jaipur were operated.

The flag carrier has the biggest women workforce of about 3,800 women employees including women pilots, cabin crew, engineers, technicians, doctors, security personnel and executives.

This year however for the first time, on the world’s longest nonstop flight from Delhi to San Francisco, the entire flight operations right from Cockpit Crew, Cabin crew, Check-In staff, Doctor, Customer Care Staff to ATC and the entire ground handling from operator, technician, engineer to flight dispatcher and trimmer were handled by women.

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