Investment awareness yatra comes to city

Bloomberg UTV and the National Stock Exchange of India have launched the 'All India Investor Yatra', an initiative to drive awareness and education about healthy investment practices and to accelerate financial literacy across the country in 25 cities.

The Expert panel: Surabhi Upadhyay, assistant editor, Bloomberg UTV, 
and Hitesh Agrawal, head research, Reliance Bloomberg 

The yatra, which came to the city on Saturday, gave investors a great deal of knowledge about investing in the country and the scope of investment in the city. The event started with a comic skit, which informed the audience about the risks in investment and also how to keep away from them.

The content of the skit focused on areas like dos and don'ts of informed investing, banking, risk analysis, advisory, inflation and selecting the right investing tool, among other things.

Interactive session
The performance was followed by an interaction between the investors and a panel of experts, who addressed the queries of the audience. The panel was shared by Surabhi Upadhyay, assistant editor, Bloomberg UTV, and Hitesh Agrawal, head research, Reliance Bloomberg.

"Investment is a long-time procedure. The minimum I advise is at least invest for 3 years," said Agarawal. He also said that the RBI monetary policy and the Budget may cause a change in the equity market, but this will not affect investors in the long term.

To a query on the scope for investing in the city, especially in infrastructure, Agrawal said: "Until and unless you see almost all buildings of 50 floors, there is scope. Don't just be satisfied by an expressway." Upadhyay talked about the BSC and NSE websites, where all information about investments is available in such a way that a person new to investments can easily grow his money.

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