IOC to decide over Armstrong bronze

“The IOC will now immediately start the process concerning the involvement of Lance Armstrong, other riders and particularly their entourages with respect to the Olympic Games and their future involvement with the Games,” it said in a statement.

Armstrong won bronze in the individual time trial in Sydney behind gold medallist Vyacheslav Ekimov of Russia and Germany’s Jan Ullrich, who took silver.

The world anti-doping code has a maximum eight-year delay to put forward evidence of drug misuse but the USADA exceeded that given the extent of the programme used by Armstrong and his entourage.

Tyler Hamilton, one of the 11 former teammates who testified against Armstrong, handed back the time-trial gold medal that he won at the 2004 Athens Olympics in early 2011, after he confessed to doping. The IOC corrected the podium before the time limit expired, handing the gold to Ekimov. 

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