Apple introduced a stylus called Apple Pencil to increase productivity on the iPad Pro.

Priced at USD 99 and accompanied by a physical keyboard costingi USD 169, the Apple Pencil has become the butt of jokes on social media with twitteratis taking to Twitter to mock the newly launched device.

Late Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs had famously said during the launch event of the first iPhone in 2007, "Who wants a stylus? You have to get them, put them away. You lose them. Yuck."

Apple Pencil
The Apple Pencil. Pic/AFP

Ironically, many Twitter users saw unveiling of the Apple Pencil as a glorified stylus. 

Here are a few tweets mocking the Apple Pencil...

@nikhilkardale: You build in fingerprint reading/detection tech into the phone and then go back to using a stylus for the screen? How ironic! #ApplePencil

@MarcEvanJackson: Can't wait to see all the #ApplePencil spoof videos you all are rushing into production.

@acerbicacademic: Not sure who the market is for #applepencil. I suspect many of my students today are unfamiliar with the use of actual pencils. #AppleEvent

@richdemuro: The real #ApplePencil will likely cost you $100, but what Apple won't tell you is that any standard pencil will also work ;)

@markkayeshow: I don't care if it is $199 dollars. I'm still gonna chew on it! #ApplePencil #AppleEvent

@Creative_Rants: Steve Jobs would have never released a stylus! #AppleEvent #ApplePencil

@JRAM_91: I can already see idiots at concerts bringing the #iPadPro with the #ApplePencil and trying to get an artist to sign it.

@leimer: Steve is somewhere absolutely flipping his lid. #ApplePencil (Did Apple just morph into Microsoft?)

@JJMcCann: This is a joke, right? #ApplePencil #AppleEvent

santagati. @santagati: Steve Jobs will haunt these people and scream at them in their sleep. #ApplePencil #AppleEvent

@FearDept: At the announcement of #ApplePencil the audience laughed. Maybe not the reception they were hoping for. #AppleEvent