IPL-8: Pollard's tape-on-mouth act was not in bad taste: Harbhajan

Bengaluru: Defending Kieron Pollard for plastering his mouth after being told to be quiet by the umpire, Mumbai Indians' senior off-spinner Harbhajan Singh the bizarre gesture was unique but not in bad taste.

Harbhajan Singh
Harbhajan Singh 

"The umpire told him to stay quiet, so he wanted to make sure to put the tape on his mouth and be quiet, but he is a bit of character.

He likes doing things like that. IPL brings the best flavours of the West Indies boys and there was something very different and unique which was in a good taste," he told reporters here.

Kieron Pollard. Pic:PTI/AFP
Kieron Pollard. Pic:PTI/AFP 

Pollard was warned by one of the on-field umpires to stay away from any banter after he was seen trying to unsettle RCB opener Chris Gayle's rhythm by hurling a few words at him.

However, the tall West Indian responded hilariously by plastering his mouth with a tape which amused the spectators, Gayle and Mumbai Indians players including Ricky Ponting and Anil Kumble sitting in the dugout.

Asked about his unique on-field behaviour, Pollard said it was just for fun.



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