Bangalore: There is something about Virat Kohli these days that is very compelling. It has, of course, mostly to do with the manner in which he's batting these days in all formats of the game, against all opposition and be it home or away. Obviously a lot of hard work has gone in to it all but what has stood out is the confidence that he always seemed to retain, however difficult or impossible the situation.

Virat Kohli. Pic/AFP
Virat Kohli. Pic/AFP

That this confidence part wasn't anything new became clear during a media interaction at the Chinnaswamy Stadium yesterday. Acknowledging that RCB has provided him with some wonderful times, Kohli started by saying: "I am really grateful for RCB for always being fair with me."

What he said next was stunning. Kohli, who was drafted into the team as a Under-19, was apparently not too happy with his batting position even in his early days in the side.

"I addressed that (with the team management) and they understood that I want to bat up the order because I can contribute more to the team. Because I wasn't doing justice to the position I was playing in, I told them 'you can leave me out because I don't think I am able to do much at the spot you are making me play. Someone else may be able to do the job better'."

He got his promotion alright as also the skipper's job soon thereafter. Now he's captain for the fourth full season and he can bat anywhere he likes.