Five members of a cooperative housing society in Mumbai’s posh Bandra suburb, including two senior citizens, have voted against actor Aamir Khan buying 20,000 sq ft area to build a bungalow for himself. The two senior citizens are mother-daughter duo of 87-year-old Pamela D’sa and Dr Geneve D’sa.

The duo, who reside in Virgo Society in Bandra’s Pali Hill, has filed a complaint with deputy registrar of cooperative societies claiming, “Aamir Khan should've followed the right procedure and not the manner in which he is trying to take over the place. This redevelopment issue has affected my health tremendously,” claimed Pamela.

Geneve, who is a practising gynecologist, alleges that managing committee of the society is favouring Aamir. She said, “When there was a the meeting of the society in December for redevelopment there was no mention of Aamir Khan at all. Next we get a circular from the society along with a letter from Aamir Khan with same (offer) that had been made in 2011.”

Dr Geneve questions the managing committee saying, “When the same proposal was voted out the first time, why did they entertain the actor again.”

She added, “When the voting for redevelopment there not enough members for the redevelopment proposal to be passed.”

Geneve D'sa and Pamela D'sa(From left to right) Geneve D'sa and Pamela D'sa

The D’sa’s say they are not against Aamir but the society committee, which has not followed the law that one needs to for redevelopment of a society. Geneve said, “No tenders were sought no architects were called for meeting. Is Aamir a developer that he has come with a proposal. All he has said is that he wants to 20,000 sq ft for a bungalow and is ready to pay Rs 70,000 sq ft to residents and those who don't wish to leave he would build a separate building for them.”

One of the members was allegedly told by a managing committee member that those who resist the redevelopment will be pushed out. Geneve said, “One of our members was told that we were in minority and that we will pushed out. How can they given say something like to a member who is also shareholder in the society? We are going to resist the change. We have taken the first step and awaiting a reply from registrar office.

Meanwhile, HM Patil, deputy registrar of cooperative societies H ward, said, “We have asked the managing committee to file a reply and will hear the case on April 15.”