Is Amy Schumer taking a swipe at Taylor Swift with this 'thigh gap' picture?

Amy Schumer appeared to take a pop at Taylor Swift when the singer attended the Grammy Awards on Monday night - or at least that’s what some of Taylor's fans thought.

The Love Story singer, 26, wowed in a bright pink skirt which was split down the middle to reveal her slim legs. Back over on Instagram, actress and comedian Amy shared a picture of her and a gal pal wearing bikinis while having fun on the beach.


Taylor that's not a thigh gap. This is a thigh gap

A photo posted by @amyschumer onFeb 15, 2016 at 5:23pm PST


“Taylor that’s not a thigh gap. This is a thigh gap,” the 34-year-old captioned it.

Moments later Taylor’s fans bombarded the image with angry comments. “Stop body shaming others. It’s not col get over people who are skinny,” one Taylor fan wrote.

“You and Taylor along with all women are beautiful. You have always been one to promote body confidence, and instead of teasing other women’s bodies, we should tell them how beautiful they are. You are beautiful. Taylor is beautiful... we all have beauty and we should recognise it instead of shame it," shared another.

“I used to like you because you stand up for us women and didn’t care about body shapes, sizes etc... But you’ve just body shamed Taylor Swift! Quite hypocritical of you I must say and very disappointed."

While others said she was clearly just making a joke and not taking aim at the singer at all. “Wow. People really can’t take a joke. She’s not bashing anyone, she’s just having a JOKE," wrote someone else.

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