Dear Diana,
I met this guy at a friend's marriage reception six months ago and ever since we have bonded. We both are 25. We hang out together often. He occasionally holds my hand or sometimes holds me from behind and gives me a hug. Many of our friends think that we are a couple. But I am not sure how he actually does feel about me. Nor have I ever asked him nor have I spoken about it to him. I am friendly with him and comfortable having him around. Do you think he is in love with me?
- Sumaira

Illustration/ Jishu Dev Malakar

Dear Sumaira,
Your guy appears to be a touchy-feely romantic type. You are not moving away from him so he is assuming that you like it, so he will continue doing it. But what has stopped you from asking him where you stand in his life?  See how he reacts, may be he feels it is best left unspoken and has assumed that you are a couple. But if he indulges in physical actions, what is stopping from telling you his feelings for you? It is a bit strange. Guess one of you will have to break the ice to know what's playing on each other's minds.