Popular writer Chetan Bhagat experienced another surge of popularity following the publication of a column in which he examined Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi as candidates for the post of Prime Minister. The response was mixed. On the one hand, people like Dinesh Ghodke tweeted: ‘Bhagat is right. Modi needs to learn humility. Also, if he gets extra lessons on teamwork, India could have a good PM.’ On the other hand, Priyanka Chaturvedi said: ‘It’s so cute to see some columnists like Chetan Bhagat and Swapan Dasgupta rely heavily on Facebook and Twitter to gauge the mood of the nation!’ Angry Bombay Girl referred to Bhagat as ‘the Poonam Pandey of Indian literature’ while Ravi Ghiyar tweeted: ‘You have to agree with Bhagat’s question of why the youth prefer Modi to Gandhi. The only answer is leadership!’

Beautiful game
Soon after Spain beat Italy in the Euro 2012 final, FootyHumour reacted with this comment: ‘Spain 4. Italy 0. Nothing to do with football, it’s the number of jobs available in each country.’ Mawaan Rizwan tweeted: ‘The trophy engraver should have started engraving 60 minutes in. We all knew where the match was going.’ DJ Pattyboii said: ‘I hope the Italians didn’t make any permanent celebration plans for tonight.’ And from Waj: ‘Hey ladies, it’s the big final. Don’t forget to wait until just the right time to ask him if he loves you.’

Bottoms up
Aamir Khan’s television show chose to focus on alcohol abuse, promptly making it a trending topic. Actor Kabir Bedi tweeted: ‘Social drinking is legal, acceptable, fun. Alcohol abuse is an addiction that ruins lives. Let’s not advocate prohibition.’ Dipesh Parmar added: ‘If you really want to achieve inner peace, stop abusing alcohol and start using it.’

The last word
From former IPS officer Kiran Bedi: ‘What kind of democracy? Non-performing-agitating-unionised ministers! No accountability, no recall, yet we vote them in!’

— Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online (twitter.com/lindsaypereira)