Is it really important to bathe every day? We don't think so!

Taking a bath for some is a daily ritual while for others, it is an uphill task. Here is a look into what scientists have to say about a routine bath...

ill-effects of regular bathing

Showering can be bad too
Winters are here and so is the obligation to take a shower. There are people who shower every day, rest just stand in the bathroom fighting the dilemma whether to take shower or not. Let’s for a minute forget about the current weather conditions and talk about taking a shower daily in general. Is it really that necessary to bathe every day? Though showering can be refreshing and a great cleansing process for the body, showering too often comes with its own set of disadvantages. If you think bathing every day keeps you healthy, we are going to break some myths today. Let us tell you what happens when you shower too often.

natural body oils stripped off while bathing

The natural oils are stripped off
Showering is basically the process of cleansing your body, but taking a shower on regular basis strips you off your natural body oils that keep it soft and supple. This leaves your body dry and rough.

skin's pH level unbalanced, daily bathing

The pH level of your skin becomes imbalanced
If you are using chemical-based soaps and body washes every day while bathing, there are high chances you are tampering with the pH balance of your skin.

Skin problems

Skin problems worsen
If you suffer from skin allergies or other such skin related issues, taking regular shower can worsen the problem.

Good bacteria in skin cells die due to regular bathing

The good bacteria die
It might sound a bit strange, but good bacteria present in skin cells produce their own antibodies that help them to ward off bad bacteria.

Regular exfoliation

Regular exfoliation blues
You might not be aware of the fact that when you are regularly exfoliating your skin with loofahs and brushes, you are opening the pores of your skin. Take our word, you don’t want that to happen.

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