Is it a princess? Kate drops the 'D' word

It was just a tiny slip of the tongue — but it caused a huge ripple of excitement. In an unguarded moment, the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge Kate appeared to accidentally reveal the sex of her unborn child on Tuesday. And, according to those who witnessed her half-spoken hint, she is definitely expecting a daughter.

Crowd pleaser: Kate talks to a young girl in the crowd as she arrived in Grimsby where hundreds of onlookers turned out to see her. Pic/Getty Images

The clue came during a royal walk-about in Grimsby, when Kate was presented with a teddy bear by local well-wisher Diana Burton (41). The smiling duchess told her: “Thank you, I will take that for my d...” before hastily stopping herself.

The tell-tale exchange was overheard by 67-year-old Sandra Cook who was standing next to Diana. Sandra, from Grimsby, said she could hardly believe her ears and told blushing Kate: “You were going to say ‘daughter’, weren’t you?” She added: “Kate replied, ‘No… we don’t know’. Then I said, ‘Oh I think you do’ to which she said, ‘We’re not telling’.”

If correct, the revelation could mean that Britain’s destiny is to have another Queen – as new laws mean that even if Kate and William went on to have a boy he would not overtake his big sister’s claim to the throne. The couple’s decision not to reveal the sex of their baby until it is born is in keeping with royal tradition.

Bookies slash odds against baby girl
Bookmakers have slashed the odds on Kate having a daughter after her intriguing slip of the tongue during a Royal walkabout. Punters are now being offered odds as short as 1/2 that the Royal family will welcome a princess in July, with odds on a boy drifting out to 6/4. Bookies are also taking bets on what day the baby will be born, with July 17, the Duchess of Cornwall’s birthday, the favourite at 6/1 with Ladbrokes. 

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