Is war brewing between Rajni's daughters?

Jan 16, 2012, 08:31 IST | Subhash K Jha
The superstar's daughters -- Aishwaryaa and Soundarya -- apparently plan to release the Hindi version of their respective films at the same time

Rajnikanth, as his fans may like to believe, has superhuman powers. But when it comes to his two daughters, the superstar (like most parents) seems to have no control.

 Soundariya, Rajnikanth and Aishwaryaa

Sibling bonding be damned! Both his daughters Aishwaryaa and Soundarya are locked in a race to apparently release the Hindi version of their respective Tamil films around the same time, irrespective of the loss in profits one may cause to the other.

While news of Soundarya's Kochadaiyyan, featuring Rajnikanth himself, being dubbed from Tamil to Hindi for a wider audience is already known, now we hear that Aishwaryaa's 3, better known for its iconic Kolaveri Di song by her singer/actor husband Dhanush, will also be dubbed in Hindi to release along with its Tamil version.

Dhanush confirms, "Yes, I am planning to dub 3 in Hindi and release it along with the Tamil version. It's a thriller; there's nothing culture-specific about it."

The decision, apparently, was taken earlier this month in the light of Kolaveri Di's unprecedented success. When the song was shot for the film last week, everyone in the crew was convinced the film had the potential to launch Dhanush in Bollywood.

Says a source, "Everyone connected with the project felt that a Hindi version of 3 was the need of the hour especially with its track Kolaveri di busting charts across the world.

Then the way the song was shot, it sounded even better than expected. Only Dhanush had misgivings. He felt his Bollywood debut should not be a dubbed Tamil film. But he was out voted by the rest of the 3 team."

It seems like Aishwaryaa's 3 has an edge to the finishing line, as the romantic portions featuring Rajnikanth are yet to be shot in Kochadaiyyan.

Interestingly when we asked Dhanush if he would like to work with his sister-in-law Soundarya at some point, he dismissed the idea saying,  ""She is not my kind of a director."

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