Isha Koppikhar diet diaries

Wonder what celebs eat to look fit and glow all the time? Isha Koppikhar, a foodie, tells CS her secret:

Salad: I love a freshly-made salad at the start of my meal. It is not only healthy, but also very tasty and can be made in many different varieties.

Curd: It can make almost any food taste good. I have to have it with every meal.

Brown rice: I was always a rice person. Being a Mangalorean, I really enjoy rice and fish. White rice is full of starch and carbohydrates and hence I prefer brown rice which is a far healthier option and tastes just as good.

Egg whites and fish: I make it a point to have egg whites / fish in my meals. Both of them are great sources of protein which is necessary for our body. Apart from the health reason, fish is almost a staple food for every Mangalorean and I totally like eggs in all their forms.

Grilled veggies: You can count on them when the rest of your meal is simple. Add a little spice to them and you've got a yummy dish to go with your food.

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