Pune: The Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) officer, who is investigating the cases of youth trying to join the militant organisation ISIS, received death threat on Wednesday.

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The Maharashtra ATS received an anonymous letter, threatening to kill officer Bhanupratap Barge, who is based in Pune and investigating the cases of youth trying to join the ISIS.

Last month, a Pune-based teenager was deradicalised after she was attracted to the ISIS ideology after watching a documentary on television and subsequently started regularly monitoring news on Al Jazeera channel.

"The girl was interrogated by the ATS after monitoring her movements for many days on getting information about her. It confirmed her initiation by the ISIS. The interrogation of the girl revealed that she was ready to go to any extent to carry out the ISIS directive," Barge had said last month.

The girl later used the Internet to get in touch with the ISIS contacts and got in touch with about 200 young persons from different countries. Her interrogation revealed that she was told to come to Syria for medical education and for further initiation.