ISPs battling 'zero speed' cyber attacks, services hit

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Internet service providers (ISPs), mainly from Mumbai and Pune, have claimed that they are being targeted in a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack for the second time in last three months and said they will raise the threat of “cyber terrorism”.

The ISPs said they would call on Inspector General of Police (Cyber), Maharashtra, Brijesh Singh as they claim their complaint was not taken seriously by the Pune police.

Net war
“We have been facing DDoS attack since September 15 and are running around to lodge our complaint. But no officer has taken a serious stand on our complaint; hence, we are going to lodge our complaint with Singh,” said Kishore Desarda, director of Gazon Communication of India.

“Such attacks, which reduce (Internet) speed to almost zero, have posed a serious threat to businesses of all ISPs; they need to be curbed immediately.” In July, ISPs had filed an FIR with the IG’s office about an attack and the case is being investigated by Mumbai police’s cyber cell.

Cyber terrorism
Another leading ISP said, “DDoS attackers are back into their business and it has hit services adversely, beside posing a threat to the information backbone of the country.”

“This is akin to cyber terrorism and has assumed significance against the backdrop of hacking of over 35 government websites in the last few days after India’s surgical strikes,” it added.

On DDoS attack
A denial of service attack typically bombards websites with requests, overloading the portal until its server crashes, thus denying access of the website to legitimate users.

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