A heated argument in the Israeli parliament Knesset, ended with one politician throwing a glass of water over her colleague before storming out. Russian model-turned-Israeli politician Anastassia Michaeli of the hardline Yisrael Beitenu argued with Labour party backbencher Ghaleb Majdale.

The right wing MP got angry after Majdale told her to 'shut up' during a debate on the participation of an Arab-Israeli school in a human rights march. In response, she gathered her items and calmly poured a glass of water before marching over to him and tossing it in his face while saying 'shame on you'.

The outburst was captured by Knesset television and quickly hit the headlines. Michaeli later told reporters that it was 'an audacity' that Majdale had insulted her and that she expects men to be respectful in parliament.

"If there are no men at the Israeli Knesset who know how to respond and protect a woman, I will protect myself, my dignity, my party's dignity and the dignity of the Knesset," Sky News quoted her as saying. "After 40 years of public activity, no glass of water or jerrycan of water will affect me," Majdale said.