A team from Israel will be here Wednesday with the materials used in the botched terror attack in Tbilisi and the three blasts in Bangkok to check whether there was any similarity to the explosive used in the Delhi car blast, a police official said.

Terror strikes again: The blast took place late last afternoon, close to 
the Israeli embassy in New Delhi, some 
150 m from PM Manmohan Singh's
official residence. Officials have blamed terrorists for the strike but are 
yet to identify any specific module. 
Pics/Rajeev Tyagi

Delhi Police officials and Israeli authorities will discuss the modus operandi used in the three attacks in Delhi, Tbilisi (Georgia) and Bangkok, a Special Cell police official told IANS.

"We will check whether the same kind of explosives were used in Monday's blast," he said.

Four people, including the wife of an Israeli diplomat, were injured in the Israeli embassy car bombing Monday. The same day, an attack was foiled in Tbilisi when an alert Israeli embassy staffer noticed a bomb under his car. On Tuesday, there were three blasts in Bangkok and an Iranian who hurled a bomb was amongst those injured.