Israeli toddler wounded by Palestinian stone throwing dies

Jerusalem: A four-year-old Israeli girl has died two years after being seriously wounded when Palestinians threw rocks at the car she was riding in as it drove through the West Bank.

Adele Bitton died yesterday soon after she was hospitalised for a lung infection. Her mother Adva was driving her home to a West Bank settlement in 2013 when rocks thrown by Palestinians caused her to crash. She said the infection was a result of the child's wounds.

The Arab medic who treated the family at the scene told the Israeli news website Ynet that he was pained and shocked by her death, calling it "the price of hatred" and calling for coexistence. Several Palestinian teenagers were arrested for the rock throwing.

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  • Shiv Raj18-Feb-2015

    We must condemn the toddler killing by Palestinian and the same we must condemn also Israel for killing 3000 children just last year by war crime.

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