The Kochi Tuskers became a trending topic following reports that they were being booted out of the Indian Premier League after allegedly failing to meet financial obligations. Ramesh Srivats had this suggestion: 'Kerala should go on a strike today to protest the termination. Oh wait. They're already on one for some other reason.' Dhanya Rajendran believed the real reason for the team's suspension was that 'Sreesanth was becoming too much of a tusker to handle.' A certain Shantanu pointed out that this would make the Pune Warriors nervous because 'now the last ranking is theirs!' Anas Dalvi predicted 'protests in the Gulf,' while Adit V pointed out: 'Tuskers are more popular now, after they have been dissolved.'

PM material?
Narendra Modi continued to clog timelines for another day, as his supporters and detractors exchanged barbs. Sonali Ranade had an interesting point of view though: 'Why is any criticism of Modi treated as "hating Modi"? Aren't other leaders of the BJP and Congress criticized as well?' Smita Prakash tweeted: 'Too much boasting about Gujarat. He needs to do a little less chest thumping. Little humour needed. Lighten up.' And Sanjay Kumar spoke for many: 'I think India and the world at large have had enough of Modi. Change the subject!'

Going red in the face
The topic 'you should be embarrassed...' yielded the following responses, among others: 'if you sponge off your girlfriend', 'if you make friends with cool people just to get famous', 'if you have a brand new car but can't afford to put fuel in it', 'if you use a flip phone in public' and 'if you're a guy and take more photographs than a girl.'

The last word
An insight from filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt: 'Anticipation of power makes our politicians drool. They behave like drug addicts who go into ecstasy at the mere idea of getting their fix.'

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