It's 2016 - if you like him, just make a move!

Jul 05, 2016, 06:00 IST | Dr. Love

Q. I can't stop thinking about this particular guy. Maybe I'm just infatuated with him. I've tried ignoring him, but it just gets worse. Should I talk to him about it? Will that scare him away?
A. Life is too short to waste time overthinking this. If you like him, I urge you to tell
him about it. It's 2016, so don't let movies created in 1980 tell you that you need to wait for some sort of bizarre sign from him before you make a move. You need to seize your moment. Maybe you are infatuated with him. Maybe he will turn out to be like Salman Khan (I don't mean this as a compliment) when you get to know him. Maybe he will turn out to be everything you think he is and more. You won't know until you get there and talk to him. And if you do scare him away, why would you want to go out with a guy who can't even handle a mature conversation with a strong woman? Don't let the fear of that happening stop you from reaching out. Guys can be terribly shy too, you know?

Q. What, according to you, does every good relationship need?
A. Two people, to start with. A relationship with yourself is okay only if you are the Prime Minister of our country. There are some things everyone agrees upon, when it comes to the basics, such as trust, respect, emotional support and companionship. You should also add financial security and great sex to that list, because they really do matter. The biggest thing is communication though, because it's all you and your partner have to try and get along despite your likes, dislikes and approaches to life and its many problems. If you both talk a lot (and preferably to each other), you shouldn't have too much else to work on. In fact, the more things you like doing together, the higher the chances of finding yourselves in a good relationship.

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