It's an appy time for sports enthusiasts

Mar 17, 2016, 08:02 IST | A Correspondent

For those looking to indulge in sport on a regular basis but aren't sure where and how to do it, Viraj Velinker's PlaySports mobile app, is just the tool that could be useful.

A snapshot of the mobile application PlaySports launched yesterday
A snapshot of the mobile application PlaySports launched yesterday

Velinker and three of his mates, Kunal Dalal, Payal Lohia and Prateek Sethi yesterday launched the mobile application, which assists users to connect with each other as well as commercial sports locations across the city to set up a game.

Birth of an idea
Velinker, a self-confessed sports enthusiast, explained: "I love playing football with my friends. To do so on a regular basis, I ended up doing all the co-ordination on phone through chat groups in my contact list.

"Players would often back out or be unavailable at the last minute, leaving us a few guys short for the game. That's how the idea of PlaySports came about. This app has now eradicated the problem of player shortage besides, it also helps users book a turf or sports venue of your choice as most venues in the city are enlisted in it. It took us two years to get the app together and thanks to Nikkhil Narang and the team at OneLeap Solutions Private Limited, we went live today."

The application is like a social network for sports enthusiasts and is available on both iOS and Android platforms. A user can form a team of his or her own friends or even outsiders in the contact list, who have downloaded the app, and organises matches across a range of sports like cricket, football, basketball, tennis, yoga, zumba and billiards. The app has details of commercial sports venues from Lower Parel to right across Thane and even Panvel.

The unique 'Scout Mode' helps automatically search for new players in the area where one is playing and through a live chat function, the application allows exchanges and updates with friends. Conversely, a lone person looking can enter the 'Quickplay mode' which helps him scout for events in the vicinity where he can join in.

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