'It's difficult to forget her...'

Dear Diana,
I was friendly with this girl a couple of years ago. We were office colleagues almost a decade ago. I later changed jobs and lost touch with her. I liked her, but did not express my feelings for her. I considered her as special — someone who I could turn to, but she looked at me as a best friend. We used to hang out together and often I used to drop her home. When I changed jobs, I stopped being in touch with her. I think she wanted me to tell her what she meant to me, but I was afraid to express my affections for her. Immediately after we went our ways, I got busy with my new job. I am not in touch with her at all. Though it is the distant past, I still remember her. My family is now looking for a match for me, but I cannot get her out of my head. It is as if she is part of my life. I often wonder what she is doing and if she remembers me. At times, I want to pick up the phone and talk to her. She is married now, so I do not want to create any problems for her. I really do not know what to do. How do I stop remembering her?
— Darshan

Dear Diana
Illustration/ Uday Mohite

Dear Darshan
It has been almost a decade since you broke off. You say you are not in touch with her. So why do you still keep thinking about this girl? She is married, so let her be. You could not muster enough courage to express your feelings at that time. Why regret now over something that you did not do? If your family is looking for a girl for you, let them. You need to move on in life. For starters, stop thinking about her. Instead of making yourself miserable, look forward to a new life. Chances are that she does not even remember you considering she is married and well settled. So it is better that you, too, get going with your life.

Diana will solve it!

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