It seems the Khans will never patch-up

Shah Rukh Khan apparently didn't attend a recent awards event, because Salman was performing there...

It seems the two Khans Shah Rukh and Salman are still not in a mood to let bygones be bygones and patch up. The Don 2 star gave a recently held awards event a miss. Rumour is that this was due to his rivalry with long time foe Salman.

A source reveals, "Since Sallu was to perform at the awards (event), Shah Rukh being his rival did not confirm his attendance until the last minute. And he didn't turn up."

Apparently there is another reason as well for SRK skipping the event. The source adds, "SRK was not very pleased with the organisers for giving the Best Actor award to Salman for Dabangg instead of him for My Name Is Khan, last year."

The stars had a huge fall out at Katrina Kaif's birthday a few years ago.



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