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Tonight catch actress Isha Sharvani perform a recital that is Indian in essence but youthful in its approach and presentation

When Isha Sharvani made her debut opposite Vivek Oberoi in the film Kisna (2005), everyone agreed that she was one of the finest dancers Bollywood had ever seen. Daughter of famous danseuse Daksha Seth, Isha spent over a decade learning various dance forms at her mother's art school in Kerala. In a telephonic conversation with The Guide from Tokyo, where she performed before a host of delegates, she tells us what is in store for Bangalore tonight at the 49th Bengaluru Ganesha Utsava.

What would you be performing in Bangalore?
I would be doing two pieces from Shivashakti, which will be premiere in India today. Based on Tantrik tradition, the recital is very Indian and the audience should have a good time.

Why did you choose Shivashakti?
I wanted to perform something that will bridge the gap between our beautiful heritage and modern dance forms.  I have been dancing for nearly 14 years and have learned Kathak, Chau and Kalaripayattu. Shivashakti is my expression of all those styles blended together.

Does being an actress give you an edge in your acting career?
Dancing helps acting skills. It's a way of life for me. It may help but I believe if you love acting, you should act and if you love dancing, thta's what you should do. You should always do something for the purpose of it.

When do we see you in films again?
Not for the next few months as I would be performing Shivashakti in the country and abroad. I don't do many films as they keep me away from my dance studio.

Is contemporary dance a threat to traditional Indian dance forms?
Personally, I feel Indian art is vital but contemporary dance is not killing it. It is true that people are taking salsa and Bollywood classes. The work needs to be rooted in India but should be young to appeal to my generation.

5 things you didn't know about Isha
>>  When not dancing she would read 
>>  Can't live without her wallet, lip balm and yoga mat
>>  Family and Michael Jackson are her inspirations
>> Soundtrack of X Men is playing on her i Pod currently
>> Dal rice is her biggest weakness and her family is her biggest strength

Where APS College Grounds Basavanagudi
On September 7, 7 pm
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