Post Udaan, Ronit Roy is back with his mean act in the recently released Boss. CS catches up with this popular TV actor to find out if he is the emerging new villain on the block…

Ronit Roy

The negative streak
It was tough doing the role in Boss because I had to stand up against Akshay Kumar and also look convincing. Besides that, the character I play had to look ruthless to the core. Thankfully, the the audience response to it has been a retraction to whatever doubts I had about portraying it. I don’t know what to say when I am asked if I am on my way to becoming the next villain of Bollywood. All I know it that I want to be called a good actor. Incidentally, in Karan Johar’s next too, I am playing a character with grey shades.

Playing the baddie
Udaan was the turning point in my career. And to think that I almost didn’t do that role. Initially, I was penciled in to play the role that Ram Kapoor eventually did. But one morning, producer Anurag Kashyap just walked into my house and told me ‘You are playing the role of the strict father’ and left even before I could react. Even while shooting it, I could feel that we were making a good film but never expected it to go to film festivals and the audiences alike, it made people get up and take note of me as an actor.

Pick and choose
I am doing well on television. Also, I don’t have to worry about running my kitchen. So I am really not interested in doing films just for the heck of it. I got many offers that were similar to Udaan but nothing excited me till the offer of Boss came to me. Today, I want to do roles that scare me and get a ‘oh my God’ reaction from the audience. I want to venture into zones that have not been ventured into before. Infact I tell my film maker friends to call me if they have a role that they don’t know whom to cast. Another reason is that I am doing television (Adaalat) which gives me little time to do other things, as well as the challenge of retaining the novelty after 200 episodes. With films, I want to take the liberty of working without unnecessary pressure.

Not a social animal
It’s not easy juggling films, television and my security agency. I wake up at 6am everyday to spend time with my wife and kids. I like to see my kids off to school. After that, its just my work commitments till late night. What helps me multi-task is that I am not a social guy at all, I don’t like partying. In fact, my friends call me a recluse because I am only concerned about doing my work and getting back home to rest.

In spiritual mode
My religious beliefs have kept me rooted in the make-believe world of films. I have observed a certain calmness in Akshay Kumar, he is very sorted. I want to reach that level.