Narendra Modi trying to divide Bengalis on the lines of religion: Mamata Banerjee

Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee yesterday alleged it would be a nightmarish if the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi became the prime minsiter and also accused Modi of trying to divide people of Bengal on the lines of religion.

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“We are staring at a nightmarish dream as the person is being projected by you (media) as the PM of the country. If he becomes the PM, it is nation’s misfortune and dark days will be ushered in,” Banerjee told reporters at the makeshift state secretariat in Howrah.

“He is saying that Bengalis from Bangladesh will be packed off to Bangladesh. Why? Who is he to speak like that? Bangladesh is a neighbouring country. Will I have to go and pick up a fight with them on the issue? We have to strike a good relation,” she said.

Lashing out
Stating that the people of Bengal could not be divided, she said he had the ‘cheek’ to create a divide between Bengalis and non-Bengalis.

Alleging that Modi had tried to divide Darjeeling during his first election campaign in the sate, she said, “They do not have any right to do politics.

They orchestrate riots between Hindus and Muslims.... Now, he is trying to divide the people of Bengal on the lines of Hindus and Muslims.”

  • PD29-Apr-2014

    your expert comments are not needed ... go and do pent


    yest it will be nightmare but you forget for whom? I tell you it will be nightmare like you a hopeless idiot lady who care only to fulfil her ambitions to become CM of WB at cost of People by making them fool. TATA wanted to give jobs to 10000 ppl through Nano. What you did is known to everyone. It Will be very difficult to survive terrorists, anti nationals and illegigal migrants from BD.

  • Dinesh Mishra29-Apr-2014

    It will be nightmare for Mamta ( who should be called Nirmamta) when India gets rid of corrupt congress. She is deshdrohi as she hints that Bangladeshis speaking Bengali should be accepted as Indians. Who she is talking like this because she gets vote from such migrant foreigners. If Bengali speaking Bangladeshis can be considered as Indians then all English speaking people of world should be considered as Indians as English is the main language in India now. What a nonsense?

  • Dinesh Mishra29-Apr-2014

    Along with Congress she is also doing politics based on divide and rule policy. She should be sent to Jail as she is not respecting the Indian Republic. She must now people living in west bengal are Indians where as people living in Bangla Desh are foreigners for us Indians.

  • hind29-Apr-2014

    So get ready! For u it will be "nightmarish" days Mamata Banerjee and fr the nation it wil be golden days!!!

  • Amar Sachan 29-Apr-2014

    Why the whole anty Modi leaders creating a fuss? It shows that in Indian politics there is no alternative of Modi. they also knows that if he will come on power than they can't LOOT the country. Mr. Modi can stick as PM at least 10-15 years. If such things happen than so many politician family business will finish. It may be possible that Gandhi, mulayam, lalu etc. become history for Indian politics.

  • Harry29-Apr-2014

    It is true because when Modi will become PM, Sharda Chit Fund curprits will come out .... will nightmare for you ...

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