Italian conspiracy

While the scenic terrace and above average food make for a fine dining experience, the shoddy service and inattentive staff, leaves an insipid aftertaste at Cafe Mangii's newest outlet in Versova

Cafe Mangii, the restaurant best known for its authentic Italian delicacies, has finally become an elite member of what is fast becoming Mumbai's eating haven Versova.

Char Grilled Chicken Breast on a bed of creamy vegetables polenta served with Aubergine Caponata and red wine jus, Fizzy Julep chopped fruit, mint, lime wedges, sugar syrup and fizz.

When you enter Mangii the bottom floor welcomes you with an all-day deli and patisserie with a choice of burgers and tidbits to appease your nibbling desires. The first floor is a quintessential fine dining experience with its imaginative furniture that highlights a peppy pastoral style.

The only complaint is that the centre table is like a long-table setup giving one the impression of dining in a mess hall with strangers. The highlight and USP however, is the open-air sea-facing pizzeria on the terrace that sets up a great mood.

The illusion of the aesthetic beauty conceals a more sinister factor poor service. The inattentive staff seems befuddled, goofing up orders on all tables, taking forever to refill a glass of water and allowing patrons to take up tables that haven't been cleaned.
Minus points for hygiene. When a meal for two costs 2,000 bucks, you'd want clean napkins and tablecloths alas! Even this doesn't happen.

For starters we order a corn patty that never arrives. Even after the main course, we are still waiting. Miraculously, they bring us a burger when we complain and then apologise for having goofed up corn patty. The starter that does thankfully arrive is the Cajun Chicken served with Guacamole and sour cream (Rs 335).
A bite into this juicy chicken and we were willing to forgive the staff's inattentive behaviour. The strips of chicken were yum; the low-fat chicken delicacy was juicy till the last bite of the chicken breasts marinated in oil, with just the right amount of Cajun seasoning and Italian herbs.

Next, the Lasagne Bolognese freshly baked with beef (Rs 485) arrives hot and spicy to the table. The glazed layer of cheese looks delightful with simmering meat adding to the appeal.
While the dish fell apart too easily when we consumed it, we were not disappointed with its taste. The meat was well done and the seasoning just right. The salt, sadly, was a tad less but noticeable only if you are really looking for it.

The dish of the day was the Char Grilled Chicken Breast (Rs 495). Served on a bed of creamy vegetables polenta served with Aubergine Caponata and red wine jus, the deliciously flame grilled chicken melts in the mouth.

While some mashed potatoes might have been a traditional side, the creamy vegetables polenta tried hard to make up for it. Last but not the least, the Fizzy Julep was a tangy mocktail with chopped fruit, mint, lime wedges, sugar syrup and fizz (Rs 195). Nicely shaken and stirred.

AT Premises No 28, Aram Nagar 1, Andheri (West); CALL: 26316100 / 101 / 102
Cafe Mangii didn't know we were there.
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