Has your motive been achieved after the protest today?
Yes, of course. We achieved our motive 100 per cent. We didn’t want violence and the agitation was conducted in a peaceful manner. There was no violence.

MLA Nitin Sardesai
MLA Nitin Sardesai

What will you do if the chief minister doesn’t agree to your demands?
We will continue to build pressure on the state government and the chief minister, like we did today. It was this that forced CM Chavan to call us for a meeting.

But even yesterday, a day before the agitation, the chief minister appealed to you for talks.
Yes that’s true. But, after the agitation, he agreed to two of our conditions, which he had not agreed upon earlier. First, he allowed the media into the room where the meeting would take place. He also said that the state government would take some decision.

Other political parties have termed your actions as ‘drama’.
I don’t want to comment on their views.