'I've fallen for my fiancee's mother...'

Dear Diana,
My fiancee's mother is not only attractive, but a loving, caring person. She lost her husband six years ago, but she doesn't come across as lonely. I love my fiancee, but her mother is something else. I'd be lying if I don't admit to having feelings for her. I don't know how to handle this ambiguous affection for her and her daughter at the same time. Where am I going wrong? Should I call off the relationship? I am 34 and my fiancee's mum is 49, but looks younger.
— Vipul

Illustration/Amit bandre
Illustration/Amit bandre 

Dear Vipul,
You seem to be attracted to her as she is a kind and loving person. Chances are that you are mistaking it for love. There is a difference between liking someone and being in love with someone. Also, if you tell your fiancee, hell will break loose. You will lose your fiancee as well as her mother and mess up your life. It is best for you to banish such thoughts.

Dear Diana,
I love my wife dearly and I don't doubt her character. She's a working woman and independent too. Of late, however, she has started working late with no extra pay. When I said it was ridiculous of her do so, she insisted that everyone in the office has been putting in more hours and she is left with no choice. I feel suspicious at times because she doesn't look tired at all when she reaches home. I don't want to make accusations until I'm sure, but I think she is having an affair and going to meet someone after work. What should I do?
— Sharman

Dear Sharman,
A suspicious mind can wreak havoc in a relationship. You are just assuming that she is having an affair without any proof. Pick up the phone and check if she is in the office at that hour. Only then jump to conclusions. Remember an idle mind is a devil's workshop.

Diana will solve it!
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