Jab we wed

Dec 13, 2012, 09:06 IST | Sayed Sameer Abedi and AFP

Nikhil and Kayan

Indian couples were no exception, with marriage registration offices reporting an increase in bookings for the auspicious date. City couples Nikhil and Kayan (above) and Kishore and Nalini (below) were just two of many.

Kishore and Nalini

But Kalina couple Brandon and Emilia took the (wedding) cake. MiD DAY had reported on the 12-year-old couple who chose three rare dates to mark their journey together — 10/10/10 for their engagement, 11/11/11 for their court marriage, and finally 12/12/12 for their beautiful ceremony at Mount Mary’s Church yesterday. 

Kalina couple Brandon and Emilia

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