Jackie Shroff cooking up a storm

I love cooking in my spare time. I know it doesn’t really go with my image, but I really do. I am also a strict vegetarian (doesn’t go with my image either!). I love all kinds of vegetarian dishes - the Maharastrian pithla bhakri, thalipith, vangi bhath and then the South Indian rice dishes, pastas and crisp pizzas. I love Italian food and usually cook it for my family and friends. I’m an expert in pesto sauce. And I have been told by many that my cooking is very good.

Jackie Shroff, actor

Cooking has fascinated me since childhood. As a kid, I used to enjoy watching my mom prepare food in the kitchen. The aroma of spices always held my attention. I am a huge foodie and love snack items like vada-pav, bhel-puri, bhajiyas, etc. However, I have cut down on junk food due to health reasons. As a vegetarian, I can say that vegetarian dishes can be equally tasty as meat preparations. 



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